MAY 19th 2015
The Exploration of the Underlying Factors Relevant to a Lack of Awareness/Attendance of Patients the Self-Management Education Programs 

ossien Ashtarian
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 Effects of  an osteoporosis prevention training program on physical activity- related stages of change and self-efficacy among university     students,  Shiraz,  Iran: a Randomized Clinical Trial Mohammad Hossien Kaveh
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 Scales  to  Measure  Post  trauma  Effects  in Children and Parents Cognition about the Trauma’s Psychosocial Consequences on Children Abdolreza Shaghaghi
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 The Role of Health Education in Emerging Diseases: A Systematic Review  Mahnaz Solhi
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 Nutritional Knowledge and Public Health in Kermanshah; From Sciences to Practice  Yahya Pasdar
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 Self-regulation  Strategies Related to Exercise in Patients with Heart Failure  Fatemeh Rajati
2-6-Dr Rajati
 Structural role of perceived benefits and barriers to receiving macronutrients in women with metabolic syndrome: a path analysis study  Siamak Mohebi
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 Comparison of Training Married Men by two Methods of Pamphlet and Short Message Regarding Premenstrual Syndrome and its Effect on Marital Satisfaction of the Couples in Yazd City Mohammad Ali Morowatisharifabad
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The Healthy Children Ready to Learn   Seyyed Mostafa Nachvak
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Identifying  of  Mothers’  Control  of Their Children Eating Behaviors   Kambiz Karimzadeh Shirazi
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Application of the Health Promotion Model in Physical Activity of School Children   Hormoz Sanaei Nasab
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Psychological Aspects of Cosmetic Surgery among Females: A Media Literacy Training Intervention   Tahereh Dehdari
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Factors Associated With Home- Related Injuries among Children Less than 5 Years, Using PRECED Model, In Rural Areas of Twiserkan   Forouzan Rezapur- Sshahkolai 
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Development of a Social Exclusion Questionnaire for the Women with Divorce in Iran  Fatemeh Zarei 

A Structural Model of Determinates of Social-Cognitive Theory to Predict Physical Activity in Iranian Women with Type 2 Diabetes

Mehrsadat Mahdizadeh
Predicting  Physical  Activity  Behavior among ICU Nurses Based On a Transtheoretical Model Using Path Analysis  Saghi Moosavi 
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Develop a Health Promotion Program to Promote Physical Activity and Healthy Eating among People with Cardiovascular Risk Factors using Intervention Mapping  Leila Sabzmakan 
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Investigating the relationship of doping with Aggression, Anxiety and Depression among Sport Champions

Afshin Sharifi

The  relationship  between  self-efficacy, coping skill and substance use in adolescent: based on Structural equation modeling  Zohre Fathian Dastgerdi 
Factors Predicting Individual Health among Pilgrims of Kurdistan County: an application of Health Belief Model  Arsalan Ghaderi 
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 Using the PEN-3 Model to Assess Sociocultural Factors About Oral Health Among Rural Women- Hamedan , 2013 

Khadije Ezzati Rrastegar 
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MAY 20th 2015 
Application of Behavioral Analysis Phase of PRECEDE Model for Quality of Life Survey in Postmenopausal women in Birjand  Mohammadreza Miri 
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Application of Behavioral Analysis Phase of PRECEDE Model on Women's Psychological Well-Being in the Menopausal Period  Mahdi Moshki 
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Telephone Counseling Program in Patients with Chronic low back Pain and Disability  Sedigheh Sadat Tavafian 
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Relation between Health Locus of Control and Health-Promoting Behaviors of People Over 15 Years old in Bandar Abbas, Iran  Teamur Aghamolae 
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Safety Promotion Program on Motorbikes: Experience of a Campaign in a Community Based Initiative  Sadegh Ghasemzadeh 
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Definition and Application of Q- methodology in Health Care  Bijan Kaboudi 
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Designing and Implementing Educational Program to Promote Physical Activity among the Elderly: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior 

Nooshin Peyman 
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Self-Immolation  and its Adverse Life-Events Risk Factors: Results from an Iranian Populatio

Alireza Ahmadi

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The Health Status of   the   Elderly population of Iran in 2012

Farid Najafi 

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The Application of Ulead Video Studio Software  to Relapse  Prevention Education among Drug Users 

Tahereh Pashaei 

Age at Smoking Onset, Nicotine Dependence and their Association with Smoking Temptation among Smokers  Abdurrahman Charkazi 
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The Effect of Education on Promoting Behaviors of Preventing Cardio vascular Diseases Risk Factors in Yazd Restaurant Chefs, 2012  Hasan Shahbazi 
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Effects of Functional, Communicative and Critical Health Literacy on Adherence to Self-care Behaviors and Health Status in Iranians with Diabetes Mellitus  Mahnoush Reisi 
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Applying Theory of Planned Behavior to Predict Nurses' Intention and Behavior in Using Health Literacy Strategies in Patient Education 

Gholamreza Sharifirad 

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Road Safety Advocacy: Action Research in Schools  Hossein Matlabi 
Development and Validation of Elder’s Satisfaction Questionnaire for patients Attending Dental Clinics in Kermanshah City  Marjan Haghi  1-5-Marjan Haghi.pptx
Survey of Occupational Accidents in Industries and Workplaces of Kermanshah Province, 2012  Masoud Ghanbari 
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Applications of health-based wireless and mobile technologies  Amir Nasiri 
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Assess knowledge, attitudes and practices of solid waste management in Taghbostan mountain climbers from Kermanshah city in 2014  Seyyed Ali Reza Mousavi  1-8-moosavi.pptx

Effectiveness  of  interactive  web- based lifestyle program on prevention of cardiovascular diseases risk factors in patient with metabolic syndrome: a randomized controlled trial (The Red Ruby Study 

Leila jahangiri 
Development and psychometric Testing of a new Instrument to Measure Affecting Factors on Womens Behaviors to Breast Cancer Prevention: an exploratory mixed method study (AFWB- BCPS)  Maryam Khazaee- pool 
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Determinates of Healthy lifestyle and its Related factors among Elderly people living in suburban of tehran  Samaneh zanjani  2-6-Zanjani.ppt

A Survey of Transitional Shifts in Physical Activity Behavior among Birjand Universities Employees based on Transtheoretical Model: A longitudinal Study 

Fatemeh RakhshanyZabol